Infographic: Crypto bull and bear market cycles revealed

We can’t predict when the next bull market will begin, but we can look at historical data to get a better understanding of market cycles. Highlights:

  • Our current bear cycle (20 months) is longer than the average bear cycle (17 months). 
  • Bitcoin halving events have historically impacted the price of Bitcoin in a positive way. During these events, the block rewards that miners receive for securing the network are halved. Mining is the only way new Bitcoins are created! 
  • The next Bitcoin halving event is estimated to happen in 2024 – Q1 or early Q2.
  • Ahead of the next bull cycle, tools like Satoshi’s Index can help investors automatically accumulate wealth in the background by investing in a diversified basket of the most reputable crypto assets.
  • If the price of Bitcoin increase +10% for 3 months or more in a row, this strongly indicates the start of the next bull run.


For this analysis we exported historical Bitcoin data from Coingecko’s API, starting in April 2013 (beginning of data) to July 2023. Month over month price trends were analyzed to understand when cycles reset. Bitcoin’s price was tracked because historically the crypto market follows Bitcoin’s price movement.  

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