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No active research required

Our research tool identifies the most popular traded cryptocurrencies on the largest exchanges.

Set it and forget it

Satoshi’s Index Dollar Cost Average (DCA) invests into the most popular crypto currencies from our proprietary index. This index tracks the most popular coins by trading volume every month, allowing you to instantly diversify into coins that will most likely continue to stay relevant. All with no active research required.

How it works

1. Setup
Setup your account in as quickly as 5 minutes. There is no invasive authentication process (drivers license upload, bank account info, etc.) because Satoshi's Index is not a custodian.
2. Pair
Pair Satoshi's Index with your preferred exchange (Binance and Coinbase currently supported) and set the amount of money you want to invest every week or month.
3. Relax
Sit back and relax! The tool will dollar-cost average invest into the top 10 coins every week or month. All coins live in your exchange account, Satoshi's Index does not hold custody of them.

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What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)?

DCA is an investment strategy where you make relatively small, planned purchases of an asset at specified intervals. This makes DCA strategies great at reducing timing risk, which is the likelihood you’ll invest all your money into a coin right before its price falls. It also smooths out volatility swings by averaging your investments over time, which anyone in the crypto space will know can be quite dramatic!

How does Satoshi's Index invest?
Satoshi’s Index automatically selects investments from a unique index that tracks the most popular crypto currencies on the largest exchanges. The algorithm uses trading volume as a key indicator to determine the top 10 most popular coins from the past month. These coins are automatically purchased in your exchange account using a DCA strategy. Trading volume is used as a key indicator because it is a forward looking indicator of future success vs. market capitalization which is a historical indicator of success. We have extensively documented this strategy on medium.

What exchanges work with Satoshi's Index?
Satoshi’s Index is initially compatible with Binance, Binance US and Coinbase pro. It connects to your exchange account through user generated APIs. These APIs grant trade only access, meaning Satoshi’s Index can only trade on your behalf, not transfer coins out of your account.
Can I execute this DCA strategy manually?
Looking up the top coins every month and executing trades requires time. If you have the time and the dedication, you can certainly do it yourself. Many exchanges offer a recurring buy feature that allows you to purchase coins every month, but this is not entirely set it and forget it because the most popular coins will change on a monthly basis. Knowing when to sell is another challenge that Satoshi’s Index completely automates.

Is this similar to an index fund from a traditional brokerage?
There are several differences: Satoshi’s Index is not a custodian, you have complete control of the individual coins purchased (they are stored in your exchange account), and we charge no trading fees or expense ratios.
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